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For the first time ever, we invite you to experience the exhilarating

soundtrack from the IslandLike No Other! The result of a close

collaboration between the team at THORPE PARK Resort and

IMAscore, the included CDs feature some of the most iconic moments

from the latest instalment of music that has captured the imagination

of so many guests.

We wish you an exciting journey through some of THORPE PARK

Resort’s most famous soundtracks. For the first time ever we welcome

you to the musical world of THE ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER.

Titel:                      Thorpe Park Resort Soundtrack

Datenträger:         Doppel-CD

Gesamtlänge:       1:36:18 Minuten       

Anzahl Tracks:     26





  1. Welcome To Thorpe Park Resort (Admissions)
  2. An Island Like No Other (Admissions)
  3. Endless Fun (Admissions)
  4. End Of The Line (Derren Brown’s Ghost Train)
  5. One Way Ticket (Derren Brown’s Ghost Train)
  6. This Is Your Stop (Derren Brown’s Ghost Train)
  7. Thrills On The Horizon (Port & Basecamp)
  8. Marooned (Port & Basecamp)
  9. Cast Away (Port & Basecamp)
  10. Message In A Bottle (Port & Basecamp)
  11. Driftwood (Port & Basecamp)
  12. Island After Dark (Fright Nights)
  13. Your Fate Is Sealed (Fright Nights)



  1. Lost City (Lost City)
  2. The Power Of 10 (Lost City)
  3. An Ancient Force (Lost City)
  4. Secrets In The Ruins (Lost City)
  5. A Wave Of Light And Sound (X)
  6. Jawsome (Shark Hotel)
  7. Island Chill-Out (Shark Hotel)
  8. The Hum Of The Canopy (The Jungle)
  9. Inferno Reigns (The Jungle)
  10. Jungle Odyssey (The Jungle)
  11. The Torment Of Madame Mephisto (The Big Top)
  12. The Big Top Theme (The Big Top)
  13. Epic Sunset (Admissions)

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