CD - The Stories We Forgot

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The Stories We Forgot is a 5-track EP by our lead composer Andreas Kübler.

The CD comes with a signed autograph by Andreas! The EP is about the

feeling of getting to know a new person in your life and letting them into

your heart, but at one point this person separates from you.


After saying goodbye, the beautiful stories stay in your mind and give

you comfort. Composed and arranged by Andreas Kübler, Violin

by Nick Montopoli, Trumpet by Kelly O’Donohue, Oboe

by Angela Schleihauf, Cello by Artem Litovchenko, Piano by Andreas Kübler

Titel:                       The Stories We Forgot

Datenträger:          CD

Gesamtlänge:       14:38 Minuten

Anzahl Tracks:     5



  1. Together We Are Free
  2. Be With You
  3. Is This Goodbye
  4. The Stories We Forgot
  5. Make It A Memory

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