CD - Shadows Of Darkness – The Van Helsing Show

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Shadows of Darkness was one of Germany’s most popular

theme park shows. On the stage of Movie Park Germany’s

Studio 7, in front of an audience of up to 2.100 people, the fearless

monster hunter Van Helsing stepped up against the evil vampire

 Kain in a fight through space and time.

The soundtrack produced by IMAscore supported the live action

on stage and was available on CD exclusively at the park for a

long time.

Now the official soundtrack CD of Shadows of Darkness

is also available at our shop!

Titel:                     Shadows Of Darkness –  The Van Helsing Show

Datenträger:        CD

Gesamtlänge:      37:59 Minuten

Anzahl Tracks:     13




  1. Prolog
  2. Van Helsing
  3. Time Machine
  4. Old London
  5. Down In The Darkness
  6. She Has Fangs
  7. Save The Machine
  8. Weird Scientist
  9. Sword Fight
  10. Everything’s Lost
  11. The Final Encounter
  12. Shadows Of Darkness
  13. Creatures Of The Night

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