CD - Magical Valley – Official Soundtrack

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This is the official soundtrack of the Dutch theme park

Toverland’s fantastic theme area “De Magische Vallei”.

The 18 pieces of music with a total duration of

more than 65 minutes offer the listener a perfect summary

of the emotionally diverse music, which the composers of

IMAscore produced for the theme area opened in 2013.

Titel:                     Magical Valley – Official Soundtrack

Datenträger:         CD

Gesamtlänge:       65:58 Minuten

Anzahl Tracks:     18




  1. Dwervels (Dwervels Area)
  2. Behind Waterfalls (Magical Oasis)
  3. Tolly Molly (Kids Area)
  4. Adventure Ahead (Dwervelwind Area)
  5. Dwervelwind (Dwervelwind Ride)
  6. A Beautiful Place (Dwervels Area)
  7. Hidden Paths (Magical Oasis)
  8. Coco Bolo (Kids Area)
  9. Mysterious Cave (Djengu River Queue Line)
  10. Djengu River (Djengu River Ride)
  11. Discover The Valley (Transition Area)
  12. Dwervelish Dance (Dwervels Area)
  13. Tropical Feeling (Katara Plaza)
  14. Meeting Djengu (Dwervels Area)
  15. From Wind To Storm (Dwervelwind Area)
  16. Curious (Dwervels Area)
  17. Katara (Fountain of Magic)
  18. Wave Goodbye (Dwervels Area)

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