CD - Excalibur – Official Soundtrack

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Movie Park Germany elaborately re-themed its one of a kind

rafting ride to Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest.

IMAscore composed the soundtrack that accompanies the

guests on their whole adventure. Therefore the music

can not only be heard in the queue line of the attraction, it also

scores the pre-show, starring the great magician Merlin himself.

Finally the soundtrack providesthe right atmosphere for the

exciting rafting ride through the deeps of the dark forest.

Titel:                      Excalibur – Official Soundtrack

Datenträger:         CD

Gesamtlänge:       32:39 Minuten

Anzahl Tracks:     10



  1. Seid Willkommen
  2. Excalibur
  3. König Artus
  4. Ritter der Tafelrunde
  5. Merlins Höhle
  6. Folge dem Pfad
  7. Mutige Abenteurer
  8. Bleibt Standhaft
  9. Secrets of the Dark Forest
  10. Auf Ewig


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