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„Der Sound des Kärnan“ is a wonderful example

of IMAscore’s orchestral compositions for theme

parks. Written for Hansa-Park’s outstanding

rollercoaster “Der Schwur des Kärnan”, a heavily

themed 73 meters high and 127 k/h fast hyper

coaster by Gerstlauer, the soundtrack scores the

ride experience in a rousingly emotional way.


The 20 minutes long KÄRNAN symphony was

recorded by the Budapest Film Music Orchestra

and Choir.


The more than 35 minutes long CD

ends with a medley of the music of the Kungstorget,

the courtyard in front of the impressive tower of KÄRNAN.

Titel:                     Der Sound des Kärnan

Datenträger:         CD

Gesamtlänge:       35:12 Minuten

Anzahl Tracks:     7




  2. Königlicher Empfang – Royal Reception
  3. Uralte Wege – Ancient Paths
  4. Öffnet Die Tore – Open The Gates
  5. Der Bann – The Spell
  6. Unbezwingbar – Invincible
  7. Bonustrack: Kungstorget Medley

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