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In 2018 the Dutch theme park Toverland opened Avalon, its most

ambitious theme area, to the public. An absolute highlight of

the area is the B&M Wing Coaster Fenix. Standing more than 40

meters tall, this unmissable landmark easily became a fan favorite.

At its feet the boats of Merlin’s Quest make their way over the lake,

into a cave full of magic and who knows what more. IMAscore

produced the epic yet sensitive soundtrack for the theme area Avalon,

the rollercoaster Fenix and the boat ride Merlin’s Quest, featuring one

the first song by IMAscore written for an attraction: Fire & Ice.

Titel:                      Avalon– Official Soundtrack

Datenträger:         CD

Gesamtlänge:      45:29 Minuten

Anzahl Tracks:     14



  1. Fenix Theme
  2. Ignite The Flames
  3. The Uncertain
  4. Wings Of Legends
  5. Avalon Theme
  6. A Tale Come True
  7. Living Fantasy
  8. Glimpse Of Magic
  9. From The Storybooks
  10. Raise Your Glasses
  11. Fire & Ice
  12. Follow The River
  13. The Sorcerer’s Secrets
  14. Merlin’s Quest

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